We help teams, departments and organizations address a variety of roadblocks that are often entrenched, long-standing and resistant to change.

Our approach – proven effective for 20 years – is holistic in nature. We know that repeated problems or resistant-to-change patterns often point the way to opportunities for permanent growth. Our expertise lies in assessing, diagnosing and helping resolve unhealthy dynamics on all levels so you can experience much greater productivity, performance and permanent, positive change. 

In addressing your group’s unique challenges, we draw from many strategies and often integrate aspects of leadership development,  team building and one-on-one coaching.  

We can help you:

  • Navigate and manage change effectively, creating positive energy instead of negative resistance.

  • Develop a more rewarding and positive workplace environment where individuals and teams treat one another with trust and respect.

  • Coach and mentor employees and/or leaders to stop unwanted behaviors and attitudes and practice healthier, more productive ones.

  • Improve both internal and external customer service.

  • Learn to communicate with clarity, directness and organizational empathy to increase employee buy-in, productivity and performance.

  • Clarify messy or non-existent policies and procedures, as well as better define roles and responsibliities.

  • Learn essential skills of conflict resolution, better equipping you to create cooperation between employees.

Our workplace solutions are practical, collaborative and focus on sustainable, longterm change. As with all our services, we are happy to tailor our approach to fit your time frame, budget and desired outcomes.  






Action Research Cycle

We often begin group work with a 5-step process that includes: 

  1. Data collection (interviewing employees, managers and/or executives to uncover issues)

  2. Analyzing our findings

  3. Facilitating collaborative goal-setting with you and/or your group

  4. Designing an implementation or action plan

  5. Measuring your progress toward growth and healthier functioning


Action Plans

Key to what we do – and why clients report consistent success – are action plans. These collaboratively created documents detail the behaviors and attitudes to which employees and/or managers commit to learning and practicing on a daily basis. Action plans increase accountability and offer a shared language for discussions and expectations.  


One-On-One Coaching

Oftentimes a manager or employee needs focused attention in order to efficiently improve performance, communication, adaptive (relational) or other skills. Our one-on-one work allows an individual to get very direct, relationship-based, in-the-moment coaching, which is an excellent compliment to group work. Learn more about our coaching services.


Employee Workshops

We often tailor our leadership development workshops to employee groups. We offer these as a complete series or à la carte in a combination to best suit your needs. Workshops shown are just a sample of what we offer. Ask us for more possibilities.

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