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Michael brings with him a wealth of experience (over 30 years) helping organizations and leaders achieve results. He brings to his work a combination of intelligence, creativity, innovation, humor, and a collaborative spirit, and has assisted over 100 organizations move toward greater excellence and success. 

  • B.A. in Social Work

  • M.A. in Applied Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis on Organizational Development & Coaching

  • 18 years of direct executive management experience

  • 20 years of partnering with organizations as an external consultant, executive coach and trainer

  • Mike used to play the piano for musical theaters

Scott Ummel

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Scott possesses integrity, empathy, and a deep knowledge base in how people and organizations function.  He has been extremely successful in coaching individuals and diverse teams toward greater effectiveness, and has a proven track record of helping individuals and  groups become more positive and productive.

  • B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies, Minor in Psychology

  • 5 years of executive management experience

  • Multiple years of experience in conflict resolution, training, organizational trouble shooting, and in successfully closing the divide between isolated departments

  • Scott can quote hundreds of lines of dialogue from television shows he watched in the 70s




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Christy offers her clients a unique set of skills and techniques developed over decades of work with families, individuals, and groups. Her empathy, honesty, creativity, and wisdom have helped many individuals, teams, and groups achieve more fulfilling and rewarding lives both personally and professionally.

  • B.A. in Child and Family Development

  • Training and development work in personal coaching

  • 30 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, and social worker in a wide variety of contexts

  • Experience in management, team leading, family advocacy and one-on-one coaching

  • Christy is older, smarter, taller and better looking than her husband


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Andrew brings with him a wealth of experience. As a 20+ year executive coach and O.D. consultant, he brings energy, a calm and  focused demeanor, wisdom, a spirit of collaboration, and a rich knowledge base which has enabled him to help leaders and teams achieve sustainable success.

  • B.A. in Distributed Studies

  • M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis on Organizational Development & Executive Coaching

  • Certified Coach with International Coach Federation

  • 15 years as a Certified Mediator Practitioner

  • 10 years direct management experience

  • 20 years of consulting and executive coaching

  • Andrew keeps honey bees



Tom Keziah

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Tom is motivated by the possibility that the workplace – where we spend a significant portion of our waking hours – can be a life-giving environment. He roots his years of non-profit and ministry leadership in creating cultures that embrace deep listening, relational attentiveness and the fundamentals of kindness and respect. The results are highly aligned organizations capable of achieving shared goals.

  • B.A. in Political Science (Duke University)

  • J.D. (Juris Doctor)

  • M.Div.

  • 20 years of non-profit, management experience and leadership development

  • Tom speaks Southern


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Hana’s energy, creativity and inspired vision for positive change have guided her successful path of teaching and facilitating groups and individuals throughout the world. She strives to engage people on a deeper level with themselves, their workplace and their environment to create long-lasting change towards a more caring and compassionate world.

  • B.A. in Recreation & Leisure Services (Western Washington University)

  • Over 15 years experience in facilitating and training groups in both outdoor (wilderness) and indoor environments

  • Wide range of expertise in management, classroom instruction, group facilitation, program development and non-profit/community development

  • Hana can't sit still indoors for more than about an hour at a time



Andy Thompson

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Andy brings unique perspectives and practical, systemic solutions to his work. His training and practice as a family therapist gives him keen insight into human interactions and individual growth, and he effectively applies this insight to help individuals and organizations thrive. 

  • B.S. in Behavioral Science

  • M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Expertise in helping individuals and groups achieve personal growth and success

  • Andy is our designated driver


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Lee brings energy, insight, and humor to his work as a consultant and coach.  His fundamental belief is that the best managers use their influence to empower people.  Empowered people create strong organizations.  Strong organizations have a natural resistance to conflict, low morale, and a myriad of other cultural ills that hamper productivity and job satisfaction.  Lee is a natural encourager, and his direct, engaging style brings the best out of those he works with.       

  • 2 graduate degrees with emphasis in leadership and human development (Princeton)

  • 15 years management experience in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations

  • Broad experience in personal coaching, leadership development and helping organizations find clarity and cultural health

  • Lee cries during romantic comedies


Ethan Nash circle.png


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Ethan believes that all teams can cultivate the skills to succeed through external behavioral work and internal mind-and-heart practices. He is motivated by the prospect that people can achieve success, both personally and professionally, by using research-based approaches in the fields of sociology, psychology and evolutionary science – an idea he has used to work with business professionals, athletic teams and students.       

  • B.A. in Strategic Communication

  • 7 years of coaching, mentoring, teaching and management experience

  • Experience in strategic communication and business management

  • Ethan does an outstanding impersonation of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings