"Bringing in NCI is one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made."

Mike Brendel
Critical Care Director, Swedish Hospital

"I have been in the public service sector for 39 years. During my career, so many management and leadership training classes were provided that yielded little or no benefit. The NCI Excellence in Management Training we have been receiving is by far the most comprehensive, practical and valuable leadership training I have ever experienced. We have learned real, practical skills - not just theory. Thank you for your patience and guidance through this process. I know we all will achieve more and reach a higher level of cooperation, communication, and teamwork, thanks to your efforts."

Joan Thomasson
Operations Manager, Woodinville Water District

"We practically use NCI as a member of our administrative team - they have been invaluable in providing objective and effective solutions, management skill training and guidance when nothing else seems to work."

Jack Powers
HR Director, Central Washington Hospital

"The work was challenging at times, but absolutely necessary to have an organization that consistently matures and grows together.  I went from being timid about giving corrective feedback to understanding that these kinds of conversations lead to self-reflection and personal growth which, in turn, leads to organizational growth. I now have staff who actually thank me for correcting them, and it's all because of the skills NCI provided."

Melissa Strong
Mason General Hospital

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation and thought you did an amazing job presenting the material. I tend to assume that such trainings won’t be very meaningful, and I was really blown away by how applicable and practical your message was. I'm absolutely better as a manager for it."

Sarah Fitzgerald
City of Wenatchee Parks & Recreation

“I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t thank the firm enough for bringing you in. We’ve done a few of these sorts of things over the years, but I can honestly say that this one was the best, and that the impact on the group has been more profound than any other.”

— Nancie Walsh // Cordell Neher and Company

"My normal reaction to team-building workshops is one of skepticism, and I find many of them to be a waste of time. Not so with NCI’s leadership development sessions. They helped us understand our styles, how we communicate (and don’t communicate) and gave us very practical help in improving our management skills. Their style was open and they challenged us where necessary. I highly recommend them."

Jim Ewel
CEO, InDemand Interpreting

"Nash Consulting is fantastic! I met Mike when I was an associate attorney with my firm. I was in a place in my career in which I was working hard, but still struggling to make partner. By working with me and members of my firm, NCI was able to quickly assess areas needing improvement, both in work style and interactions with partners. I put their advice into practice, and went on to become partner - and then managing partner! I can't thank NCI enough!"

Joseph Shaeffer
Managing Partner, MacDonald Hoague & Bayless

"I was made manager of a difficult group, but with no previous management training. The firm brought NCI in to help fix a situation that had gotten out of hand. With their help I’ve learned a lot– I’ve put new processes in place for everything from new hire training to reviews, and have been able to develop a great vision to help guide our department into the future. Nash Consulting's approach made it very easy for me to learn from them – they're fantastic at communicating in a way you can relate to and act on. I expect I'll be emailing with questions for years as I continue to learn and grow as a manager."

Mike Martin
Word Processing Manager, K & L Gates

"I would like the world to experience this type of training."

Annie Horey 
HR Director, Cashmere Valley Bank


"Just a note to say that the NCI training really helped us have a strong team this summer. Everybody got along, the drama was minimal, and the staff asked if we could have you back again next summer. Thanks again for working with us...it really was money and time well spent."

Tim McElvary
Director, YMCA Summer Camp

"Even though it's been four years since we've had NCI at our firm's annual retreat, the management training methods they helped us establish are still solidly in place. Our workplace is much healthier and more positive than it's ever been."

Debra Haug
Perkins Coie

"Thanks...the time you spent with us both individually and as a group was highly valuable. " 

Michelle Grammer

Feedback from the 2010 ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) Conference:

  • "Michael never disappoints on his delivery and content. Fabulous!"

  • "This was wonderful. He is great! This would be great for a multi-day conference. We could always use more time with Michael."

  • "Excellent, very interesting, entertaining. Speaker was very knowledgeable and the information was practical and very helpful. Loved this speaker - thank you."

  • "Great audience participation. This was excellent. I would attend any session Mr. Nash holds in the future. Bring him back!"

Presenter and topic were excellent: 99.3%
Presentation was relevant to my profession: 100%

"NCI has a practical and down-to-earth approach to teaching essential leadership traits and principles. I have spent many years learning and training others about leadership, to include over a decade as a Marine Corps infantry officer. NCI’s training is the best I have seen.”

Vaughn Ward
CEO, National Specialty Hospitals

"NCI's level of competence and resourcefulness is outstanding. The strategies and skills they imparted established credibility and respect from our staff - mainly because they actually work."

Mike Bushy
Principal, Vale Elementary School

"Thank you so much for your presentation. The "Behavior Styles" was great and I could have listened to more, but limited time in these conferences. The presentation I attended was excellent - the subject was interesting, it got and kept my attention, it was lively, motivating and fun.  I know I'll be a better leader when I return to work. Thanks again and regards."

 Bonita G. Huber
IP Prosecution Project Manager, Howrey LLP

"Everyone was so pleased with the entire retreat experience, that without exception, all of our department heads and office administrators were anxious for NCI to come into their individual departments back at the home office. Many of their training components are now a formal part of our supervisory curriculum, and we continue to see benefits as a result of this training."

Rita Alli
Director of Training and Development, Stoel Rives LLP

"I swear NCI works magic." 

Libby Methany
Director, Bullivant Houser Baily

"We enlisted NCI to provide guidance toward our goals:  increased morale, organizational health, retention and teamwork. In partnership with Michael, we created our STEP program, Sequoyah Teamwork Enrichment Program, that has helped us gain valuable feedback from our staff members as well as develop departmental, management and company-wide goals and action plans. Michael's interactive style and knowledge helped to make our experience enjoyable, positive and valuable."

Dave Nichols
Owner & President, Sequoyah Electric

"Dear NCI - I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much our members enjoyed the recent workshop you conducted for us here in Atlanta. In fact, I think your overall evaluation was the highest we've ever had!  We learned from the folks in ALA that you will be in Indianapolis next month, and we look forward to seeing you there."

Marian Lawhead
McGuire Woods LLP

"We are continuing to see growth as a result of your action research consultation! We won second place in a management excellence competition."

Rita Nussli
Executive Director, New Horizons Ministries

"I want to thank you for all the work you've done with us over the last eight months. It's been a pleasure throughout, even though it was difficult at times. Your approach has allowed us to concentrate on the areas that gave us the most bang for the buck.  We also appreciated your balanced understanding of what employees, managers, and owners can and should reasonably expect in an organization. You walked us through a potential minefield of vested interests, expectations, and requirements without setting off any bombs. We look forward to working with you in the future."

Steve Roth
CEO, Thunder Lizard Technologies

"I appreciate your interactive but non-touchy-feely approach...you were direct, but also warm and fun to work with. The ideas and strategies you gave us over these past six months are practical, user-friendly, super effective, and in some cases even brilliant. Thank you, and stay tuned for further opportunities with us - it's time to branch out to our out-of-state offices."

Deb Rust
Executive Director

"I want to offer my endorsement of NCI.  I have worked with Michael for about 15 years, in many capacities:  working with management, staff and attorneys at Perkins, working with senior management staff at Stoel, and many speaking engagements for ALA conferences. Michael is great. He consistently gets very high reviews and actually the highest of any speaker for ALA. Aside from the skills that he brings and teaches, Michael is easy to listen to, provides humor (very funny guy), is engaging and wonderful to work with."

Rita Alli
President, Association of Legal Administrators

"Great seminar – very enjoyable and entertaining and helpful. I hope we get the opportunity to hear him again sometime. He made the day go fast."

Karen Blade

"NCI helped us make this place a positive place to work – and we're getting the job done as never before."

Diana Brown
Director, St. Francis Medical Center