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Ep.04 – The Periodic Table of Skills (Adaptive Skills 1/2)


“These are the skills that we brought with us from childhood, and they make or break our success as adults.”

Join Mike and Ethan Nash as they sip on cheap wine and get vulnerable about their growth opportunities. In this episode, they explore one of Nash Consulting’s core principles: the importance of continually developing your adaptive skills. The elder and younger Nash dissect the three different types of skills, discuss the most vital type of skills for managerial and personal success, the relationship between adaptive skills and emotional IQ, and why we must always have one eye on growing and developing ourselves in order to be effective managers.

Ep.03 – With a Great Power Differential Comes Great Responsibility


“Many people spend nearly half their waking hours in relationship with this other person who has power over them, and that’s weird. It’s kind of unnatural, because most people, whether conscious or not, don’t feel comfortable with other people having power over them.”

Mike steps onto one of his favorite soapboxes and Ethan attempts to reconcile with the fact that his father is also his boss. This episode is about the Power Differential: the power managers have over their direct reports, and how to use it for good and not evil. Having another adult in your life who has so much control over your time, tasks and more is a bit…weird. So how do we, as managers, wrestle with the fact that most people don’t like it when others have power over them, while still being responsible for running a productive workplace? Mike and Ethan discuss how to avoid exaggerating the Power Differential without completely eliminating it, and why it’s vital for an organization’s health that managers understand this concept.


Ep.02 – The Peter Principle is Alive & Well (Morale 2/2)


“Employees tend to get promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. This happens all over the place – the Peter Principle is alive and well in the vast majority of organizations.”

If you didn’t listen to episode 1, we recommended starting there before diving in here. In this episode, Mike and Ethan beat their favorite dead horse: a wild mustang named Morale. The two of them dissect the concept of the Peter Principle and why nearly every company falls victim to this dynamic. They also explore the research-based Top 15 Management Skills and discuss why the skills of a manager are directly related to the morale of a workplace.


Ep.01 – Morale: You Can’t Pay For This Stuff (Morale 1/2)


“You can pay employees for their back and their hands, but they volunteer their hearts and their brains.”
– Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Join father and son duo, Mike and Ethan Nash, as they discuss a topic that may cause you to say, “Enough already. The topic of morale has been beaten into the ground.” The Nash’s response to that? No, it hasn’t, because they work with leaders all the time who really don’t understand what morale actually is, why it truly matters, and why we must never stop talking about it. In this episode Mike and Ethan discuss the four sources of morale, why morale is your job as a manager, what you get when you have a low-morale workplace, all the really cool things you get with high-morale, tactics for assessing your workplace’s morale and more. Their bottom line? High morale in the workplace is the only way you’ll get all the cool things you can’t pay – or punish – for.