Basically, we help managers not suck.

High workplace morale and employee engagement aren’t just "feel good" ideas: they’re crucial to your organization’s ability to sustain high productivity, employee retention, excellent customer service, and a positive workplace environment. With relevance, clarity, and creativity, we work with you to help your people and your organization reach their full potential.

"But NCI," you're thinking, 
"How do you achieve all this?"

We're glad you asked.  

1. We recognize that Leaders aren't just born - they're made.

80% of exiting employees admit that they aren't quitting their jobs, they’re quitting their bosses.  Leadership development isn’t optional. In fact, giving leaders the skills they need to effectively manage others is one of the most important things you can do for your organization. It's about your people, your culture and your bottom line. 

2. We Think systemically.

Organizations are a lot like families. And like families, they operate best when issues are addressed directly and honestly. Often times the problems that show up serve to point the way toward deeper, bigger bang-for-the-buck opportunities for permanent growth and change. In other words, dealing with the problem isn't actually dealing with The Problem, and so you inevitably continue dealing with crises without ever actually getting to their root cause.

Through this systematic focus, we are able to assess situations collaboratively and creatively, unveiling the true cause of the issues you've been dealing with and leading you to more permanent and positive change.

3. We may set our sights high, but we keep our feet on the ground.

We don’t spend a lot of time on “Wouldn’t that be fantastic!” theoretically-oriented philosophy. Our leadership training focus is on practical, skill-based, results-oriented leadership strategies that are proven to equip managers in areas such as communication, decision-making, building morale, dealing with difficult employees, team building, facilitating effective meetings, stopping gossip and negativity, and much more. 

4. EMOTIONAL I.Q. ISn't just convenient, it's ESSENTIAL.

Without the ability to build relationships with employees based on trust and respect, managers will struggle to make good use of the “hard skills” they have. We place an emphasis on helping leaders develop adaptive skills, such as receiving feedback non-defensively, listening so that others actually feel heard, practicing true empathy, coaching employees with clarity and compassion, etc.. This focus, which is often missing in other programs, instills the behaviors and attitudes managers need to effectively lead their team, build and sustain morale, and see lasting results.  

5. We seek SUSTAINABILITY rather than FLAVOR-OF-THE-MONTh approaches.

Sustainability is a process, not a landing pad, and it is absolutely essential if you want to avoid flavor-of-the-month syndrome: here today, gone tomorrow. Chasing after different approach after different approach cultivates cynicism and resistance to any new (and actually helpful) training initiatives.

Our commitment to long-lasting change is woven into the foundation of our work. Clients commit to detailed, collaboratively created action plans and learn behaviors related to sponsorship, follow-through, commitment, and accountability.   

"Wow," you're thinking.
"This all sounds amazing!"

You're right. It does.  
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