Create this simple 15 item survey (plus two "essay questions" at the end), distribute it to your employees, and find out where you're strong and where you might need some attention in terms of these research-based "big bang for the buck" management skills.  Hint:  Ask a peer or someone else in your organization to receive and score the completed surveys, so that your employees don't have to worry about confidentiality.   

NOTE - You'll get an awful lot of "management points" when you: 

1) show your employees that you value and seek their opinion on how you're doing, and
2) receive that information graciously and non-defensively, and
3) make efforts to improve based on that information.  

In my experience, probably only 10% of managers ever truly do these three things.  Be one of the good ones!

Manager/Employee Survey
Please rate each item from 1 (never) to 5 (always) 

My supervisor’s name: 

A.   Recognition and praise
My supervisor is skilled at giving recognition and praise.  S/he makes it clear that I am appreciated.  

B.   Listening
This person listens well.  S/he doesn’t seem distracted, doesn’t interrupt, and doesn’t rigidly stick to her/his own agenda.  I feel heard when I talk to her/him.  

C.   Accountability
When this person is unhappy with someone’s work, he/she tells them as soon as possible, privately.   S/he holds people accountable for poor behaviors/decisions/work quality. 

D.  Communication
This person communicates the appropriate information to the appropriate people.   Information is distributed to all appropriate people.   

E.  Availability
I know when this person is going to be in and when s/he is going to be out.   S/he is generally available for questions, comments, information, concerns, etc.  

F.  Problem solving
This person deals with issues and concerns as needed.   Problems are addressed, not ignored, and solutions are sought.  This person doesn’t act too slowly or too quickly. 

G.  Confidentiality
This person respects people’s privacy and honors confidentiality.

H.  Truthfulness
This person is trustworthy.  I believe what s/he tells me.  

I.  Follow through
This person does what s/he says s/he is going to do.  When s/he takes on a task, I know it will be accomplished.   S/he gets back to us as promised.  

J.  Respect
This person consistently treats employees with respect.

K.  Caring
I believe this person cares about me as a person.

L.   Decision-making
My manager often asks for the opinions of employees before making decisions that impact us.

M.   Meetings
My manager leads staff meetings that are effective and enjoyable. 

N.   General – relationship
I feel that this person and I have a good working relationship. 

O.  General – effectiveness
I feel that this person is effective in maintaining a healthy, functional, and effective department.  

P.  What I appreciate about this person: 

Q.  What I would like more of or less of from this person: