“Remember: to know and not to do is really not to know.”  

 – Kerry Patterson, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High


We’re in a busy urban coffee shop, hunkered down at a corner table where we meet for coaching. My client – let’s call her Megan — has a fat notebook on which she scribbles notes with a ballpoint pen.  Black hair falls forward, grazing her cheek.  We’re wrapping up our session by defining action steps she’ll take in the coming weeks. 

During my interviews with them, Megan’s team has told me she’s a “sledgehammer” and “drill sergeant,” and her boss is requiring her to work with me.  As you can imagine, this dynamic is tough for some clients!  But Megan is taking it well: she is focused, eager to learn and amazingly motivated to become a more effective manager.  

She wants to be the leader her team needs and deserves.

Creating action steps, which we do each time we meet, is key to becoming that kind of leader.  Most recently, Megan has practiced giving a difficult employee feedback, increased her ability to motivate her team, and she’s starting to clean-up her own ineffective email habits.  Getting to the place she wants to be as a manager is going to take time, but Megan is taking those crucial steps forward.

Guiding her into a new management style reminds me of what I love about this work, and what I've found to differentiate Nash Consulting from other agencies: NCI is committed to helping you take practical, actionable steps so you can achieve real and lasting change.
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By Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, NCI Consultant